Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Swim Season Beauty Tips.

Now that the pools are open and the weather is hot & humid your gonna want to get your swim on. I don't blame you but don't you hate what it does to your hair and skin? I know i do and my daughters hair is even worse since it is soooo very long and curly. Well there are some tricks of the trade to help prevent that green, dry brittle hair that swimming can sometimes leave us with.

1. I know its crazy but getting your hair wet with tap or bottled water before and after you swim helps prevent the chlorine and other chemicals from being absorbed.

2. Spray a leave in conditioner in your hair before you swim. This will help keep it moisturized.

3. When you get out of the pool use a clarifying shampoo such as neutrogena, suave or l'oreal. There is plenty on the market from high end to low end but the cheaper stuff really does work just as well if not better for some.

4. Always follow up with a conditioner when using clarifying shampoos. Since they strip all the build up, chlorine and other yuckies out you are going to have to put moisture back in. I recommend leaving the conditioner in while you wash the rest of your body, shave your legs, ect so that it has time to set a good 5-10 min then wash it out.

Of course the only real way to full protect your hair is to wear a swim cap but lets face it no one wants to do that. That's torture on so many levels. lol

To help your skin make sure you wash each time you get out of the pool to keep your skin from absorbing the harsh chemicals. Also be sure to use plenty of SPF and moisturizer. If you end up a lobster from losing track of time while laying out or dunking each other in the pool i highly recommend cool & creamy body parfait. It is the best thing for skin since.... well id say sliced bread but that's not right so lets just say its damn good. lol

It also goes with out saying make sure you stay hydrated when out doors since that's the best thing to keep your skin in tip top shape. Enjoy your summer, but stay safe.