Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Auntie Ann Store Bought Pretzel Mix

I picked up the new auntie ann's store bought pretzel mix from the store with the ideal in mind it would be good to make on a rainy day with the kiddos. Well first of all i did all the work of course they skipped out til the oven timer went off.

Anyway the mix has everything you need to make 8-10 salt or cinnamon and sugar pretzels minus the perishable stuff. It mixed up real easy slightly messy but easy. After it rises you shape the pretzels dip in a baking soda wash and bake for a few minutes.
My pretzel making skills may be a bit rusty but hey at least they some what resemble them right? They bake up in i want to say like 10 minutes and then you brush melted butter over then and toppings. We went with cinnamon & sugar.
I made about 4 large ones and about 10 smaller ones which the kids liked better. And as you can see they started to disappear as soon as they came out of the oven.
They really don't taste anything like auntie ann's but im my opinion they are so much better. They are softer and don't have that weird after taste. Over all i got about 14 pretzels for less than $5 So not only is it a great deal but a delicious one to.