Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A blaze in the shadow. Tutorial.

On of my favorite vibrant shimmery golds is Blaze. It is a rich goldenrod color that really makes the eyes pop. I love using this color paired with a dark brown or black for many different occasions. Especially if i am wearing a understated black outfit.

Also used E.L.F brow kit & cream liner in black, Urban Decay Primer, & Revlon 3D volume mascara

1.Prime the entire lid with primer.
2. Apply Blaze in the inner 1/4 of the eye
3.Apply Mousse to the rest of the lid and blend up into the crease.
4. Apply Sunshine to the brow bone. This is a beautiful pale gold highlight color.
5. Using a small smudge brush or detail brush apply Blaze above the crease where mousse and sunshine meet.
6. Now its time to finish the look off using your favorite black liner. And don't forget to tame them brows.
7. Darken your waterline and apply your mascara and your looking fierce. Rawr. Go get'em tiger.