Friday, June 22, 2012

Brave in 3D

Brave hit theaters this past Friday however i was lucky enough to attend the premier Wednesday night. I brought both of my kids with me and they were so excited to see it. I have to admit i was pretty excited to. Before the movie there was a pixar short film called La Luna and it was super cute so be sure you get there early.

Brave is about a young girl named Merida becoming a princess. Her father Fergus gave her a  bow and arrow for her birthday, to the discomfort of Merida's mother, Queen Elinor. As she grew up her mother had been training her for the day she would marry one of the Lord's first born sons although the only thing on Merida's mind was archery. When merida is led by the wisps to a witch she create a spell to change her mother. Little did she know her mother would become a bear and they would be on the run from her father who sought out vengeance on a black bear that took his leg.

This movie was a emotional roller coaster for me as one minute i was laughing so hard and the next i was crying. (yes i admit i cried) It is a very touching tale of the bond between mother and daughter but not so much that the fellas wont enjoy it. Brave is Pixars 13th animated movie and let me tell you they really nailed it this time with crisp clean graphics. We saw this in 3D and you could almost reach out and feel their curly frizzy red locks. I also enjoyed the Scottish music. Brave is rated PG but my kids 4 & 11 enjoyed it the same. This will definitely be an addition to our movie selection.