Monday, June 25, 2012

Cupcakes from Walgreens? Say What?

I know what your thinking, big bakery style delicious cupcakes don't come from walgreens but let me tell you they so do. I was shopping around for makeup like i always do and well i stumbled into the snack isle cause well i was hungry and craving something. I immediately saw these little bundles of joy on the top shelf and was at a loss for words. These looked like the cupcakes i had just spent $$$ on. They were $1.99 so i was ok what the heck i'll give it a go.

OMG this was probably the most delicious moist dense cupcake i have ever had. Its a whopping 4oz and its so soft. I'm not a super sweet icing person and this was perfect. Its a cream cheese style icing. They currently come in tuxedo, strawberry, red velvet & peanut butter. I was talking to the store manager cause he always yaps at me when i come in and he said people come in and order cases of them and they are hard to keep in stock. Well all i can say is i see why.
It comes all packaged in a cute little cupcake box to keep it from getting all smush-a-did.
You gotta run don't walk to your local walgreens and check them out. I tell you what when im not in the mood to make them myself this will be my go to place. YUMMMMM