Friday, June 22, 2012

Double winged eyeliner tutorial.

This look is a request from my fans. It's a little more difficult than previous looks but still very do-able even for a beginner. For this look i used the following colors from Abigail's Boutique Designs:

Mad Martion
Blackberry Cobbler
Purple Heart
You will also need a eyeshadow primer such as urban decay, cream liner in black, fluffy crease brush, pencil brush, flat angled brush and small eyeshadow brush.

1. Apply your primer to the entire lid up to brow.
2. Starting with the small shadow brush, dampin it with metal fx, then apply purple heart to inner corner and blend out 3/4 of the lid.
3. Using same brush apply cursed to outer corner and blend in about 1/2 the eye.
4. Use the pencil brush and apply blackberry cobbler to the outer V just to mark your line.
5. With your fluffy crease brush blend koi lightly from the crease to the brow. over lapping the bb.cobbler
6. Now go back in with your pencil brush and the blackberry cobbler and darken up the outer V and crease so its more defined.
7. Using the flat angled brush and cream liner apply a thin line and build it up to a cat eye, then line the bottom lashline and extend it out. (see pic below)
8. Now apply the mad martion to the bottom lashline by mixing it with the metal fx foiling serum.
9. Fill in the gap between wings with more mad martion.
10. Finish the look with your favorite mascara and some fun lashes if you want and your done.