Sunday, June 3, 2012

June-Iversary Giveaway.

Its been 1 year since i started my mineral line. And even though my shop has been open much much longer i figure this is cause for celebration. It was this time last year that a very dear friend to me (you all may know her as Skittlezz) convinced me that my products were good enough and that the world needed to know there is affordable makeup that will make you look and feel amazing. Not to get to sappy here but i owe her so much for believing in me when i didn't have the confidence to believe in myself.

Now a year later i have made several new best friends and we all share the same passion. Its that passion that makes us the family that we are and i wouldn't trade it for anything. I thank all of my clients, customers, friends and family for helping me stand tall and proud knowing that i reached my dream and i have brought you a product that is truly unique in its quality and feel. So this is my thanks to you, i look forward to many more years after all there's no where to go but up.

To show my appreciation im hosting a June-iversary event on my blog, page and website.
There are several ways to take part in the celebration.
1. The giveaway here down below.
2. Happy Hour Hump Day on my FB Page. (Every Wednesday from 8pm-9pm cst come play)
3. Save 20% off store wide  (code: June) and Free Shipping over $50. Plus free gift with every purchase.

June-iversary Giveaway