Monday, June 4, 2012

Monkey Bites. Recipe

I know im not the first one to love a peanut butter/banana/chocolate combo. So its no surprise how great these little treats can be. I'm not sure what other people call them but at my house we call the monkey bites. They are very simple to make and never last around here. This is a fabulous treat the kids can make by themselves and you can also freeze them so you have a quick little pop of chocolate when you get those cravings.

What you will need:
Peanut butter ( we use jif creamy)
Melted Chocolate or we like to use the magic shell ice cream topper.

Start off by lining a cookie sheet with wax paper and placing banana slices on it.
Then top each slice with a little peanut butter. This is a slightly messy but very yummy process.
Now all you do is cover them with the magic shell or chocolate. Normally i like to fully cover them but i was running out of shell when i decided hey i should probably take some pictures and post this. Don't ya love those after thoughts. LOL
None the less the trey was empty by the time i got to the last row of slices.
I think there was a monkey on my back :)

Like i said you can easily freeze these if you can manage to keep everyone out of them but good luck with that.