Thursday, June 21, 2012

Pink & teal nails

I felt like something girly so i wanted to use a pink and soft teal combo and since i couldn't decide on one design i did a mix. The beauty about the designs i chose is you can easily do them with out a bunch of tools that you may or may not have laying around.

1. First start off with you base color for me this was the teal.
2. Next cut some basic scotch tape in half using decorative scissors. (if you don't have any you can still make fun designs with straight pieces)
3. Using the pink paint straight over the taped pieces.
4. Now you will want to remove the tape & clean up the edges.
5. On the 2 solid color nails i added in some little tear drop shapes and on the thumbs i stamped them with a heat design and applied some little pearls to dress them up a bit. Apply a good top coat and your done.