Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Sleek n Shine Guest Review

The following guest post is by : Autumn (Lady Geek) if you would like to be a guest poster please contact me.

As I opened my package from ShoeDazzle, these two little packets fell out. They were Garnier Sleek and Shine samples. I figured they were free (yay free!) so I'd give them a try. In the past Garnier products had
made my already pain in the butt oily hair feel kind of greasy, but hormones change so why not.

The claim: hair stays sleek for 3 days.

Before the wash

Day 1:

So, you probably didn't need to actually see me washing my hair, but <--- shark fin, so you get a picture. :)
The shampoo smelled really nice, like most of the Garnier products I've smelled it smelled like flowers and Nature. (which makes me happy, happy is good)

After drying my hair. It didn't really require much brushing like it normally does.

Day 2:

Still pretty smooth and shiny, so far it's done what the package says.

Day 3:

Still pretty sleek and shiny, but you can see where I had my hair braided. I normally don't go two days without washing my hair, but I was curious to see how it would react. Overall, I was happy with the product. It cleaned my hair without making it feel greasy. It made it all smooth like and shiny, without looking like that oily shine hair gets when it's been unwashed for a few days. Plus, it smelled nice without causing sensory overload.

Overall: ★★★★1/2

Smell: ★★★★★

Result: ★★★★

Does what package claims: ★★★★