Saturday, June 30, 2012

Target summer beauty bag

Every season target offers its beauty bag for free. Each bag is packed with samples of the seasons most in demand products. To sign up for the beauty bag just keep an eye on their Target Style page. This is my first time getting one so i was really excited to see what it was all about.
My package arrived in this little target box.
Inside was the little cosmetic zipper bag that holds all of the summery goodness.
Here they are trying to bust out.
In my bag i got samples of fructise color shamppo & conditioner, aveeno color shampoo & conditioner, a sample bottle of split remedy shampoo, a bottle of ultra sheer spf 70, a lipstick sample and a coupon book. Overall im pretty happy at the amount of products i got especially for free. The only downside was i am missing 2 products so i must have been on the bottom of the sign up list as they started to run out. Im really excited to try all of these and give you my thoughts on them so be sure to check back for the reviews.