Wednesday, July 25, 2012

City Girl At The Farm.

I'm a city girl and proud of it. I know its where I belong and having lived in city, county & country I know my place. When I moved to the county I was 21 years old and had a almost 2 year old boy. It was a change of pace but not really all that different from city life. It seemed to be the perfect balance actually. Everything was just down the street yet the neighborhood was quiet, safe, and friendly.

When I was about 23-24 I moved to the country with my boyfriend. It was a big step and a big change. It took us 30 min to get to Walmart which was really the only store to shop at. Then of course another 30 min to get home. In the summer we had to plan ahead and make sure we brought a cooler so stuff wouldn't melt. It wasn't very fun. I did like the peace and quiet of it all and the houses weren't upon each other and the town shut down at 9pm. I lived there until I was pregnant with Abby. She was high risk and I was coming to the city (45miles one way) 3 times a week for stress tests so we knew it was time to move back. There are times I miss it but not very often.

We still know people who live out that way and try to get a round to visit frequently. Which brings me to how to pick out a city girl:

1. She thinks those big round hay bails were rolled by hand.
2. She brings a case of OFF
3. She wears flip flops
4. She has glittery painted toe nails.
5. Jumps out of her skin when she sees a crawfish in the lake.
6. Freaks out about bugs especially ticks.

Yes I know its sad but all the above 6 describe me but im ok with that. Except maybe the glittery nail part its no fun running from turkeys due to them trying to attack your feet.

I will admit there are a few things I do miss. Mainly the horses.