Sunday, July 1, 2012

Depotting to keep sane.

With my OCD taking over lately and my makeup kit busting at the seams it was time to find a solution to get it organized once again. I depotted all of my mineral eyeshadows awhile back in to the same stackable containers so they would save space but now i had to do something about all these lipstick tubes. I currently carry over 36 lipsticks in my kit. I know I know you dont need that many but i really do.
First you start off by twisting the tube all the way up and using the back side of a butter knife just cut it off.
To get the last bit out of the tube (which is about a half a stick) you need something small to get in there i use a metal kabob stick.
See look how much is hiding in there. Thats why depotting is so great since most of the time when people get down to the end they throw it away well now you can see how much your wasting.
Once you get them all in the jars you could leave them like this but it was a little to messy for my liking so i heated them.
Now they are all nice and smooth. To be honest after i did this i realized i was just gonna make them messy again so it really doesnt matter if you heat them or not its your choice.
Now you need to get them in order. The best way to do this is to have them laid out in front of you and go by light to dark.
Each stack is 5 jars high so i have light pinks, pinks, purples, nudes, mauves, reds, and burgandys.
Here is what it looks like all nesting in the box. Look how much space you're going to save. Be sure to label as you do so you dont mis match one :)