Tuesday, August 7, 2012

10 Steps to a Awesome Rack.

Ok not that kind of a rack get your mind out of the gutter. This simple nail polish rack can be made for less than $10. And can be customized to fit with any decor. I just got my early birthday present from my in laws and its a fabulous zebra print salon set so I made my rack to match.

3 foam core boards
razor knife, razor blade, rotary cutter or exacto knife
hot glue gun & glue
fancy duct tape
small finishing nails
4 screws

1. On the first board mark a horizontal line every 5 inches. This is your back board.
2. On the second board mark (2) vertical lines each 2.5 inches wide. These are your sides.
3. The last board you need to mark off (7) horizontal strips each 2 inches wide on one side. These are the shelves.
4. On the opposite side mark off (7) horizontal strips each 1 inch wide. These are the front pieces.

5. Using your razor blade or rotary cutter, carefully cut the shelves, sides and fronts out.
6. This is what you should have. (2) sides, (7) shelves, (7) fronts.
7. Now use your fancy duct tape of choice and line the 1 inch front sections.
8. Glue the shelves to the horizontal lines you made on your first sheet of foam core board. Then glue your fronts to the edge of each shelf.

9. This is what you should have at this point. All we need to do now is put the sides on.
10. Glue the sides on to the rack and for added stability push your finishing nails in the back. I used about 4 nails on each row in the back and 1 for each side where the shelf and side meet.

Next you just drill it to the wall with the 4 screws. You could put in more if you feel like it but i like even 4 is over kill.

Now just fill it up and enjoy. I did mine really quick so its not perfect and after I got home I noticed one of my foam sheets was warped you can see it on the left where it didn't want to butt up right but its not to bad for my first one. Know I have to make another one for my ever growing collection.