Sunday, August 26, 2012

Back to School with Gutzy Gear

We usually host a back to school party each year for the kids and this year it was with Gutzy Gear. For those of you that are not familiar with gutzy hear yet they are Velcro straps that attach to your child's backpack and there are Velcro patches to adorn them with that represent different traits so your kids can have a way to express themselves. I know my kids bot go to uniform schools so this is a great way for them to still have a little control. You can find gutzy gear patches and straps at local Kmart, Targets, Toys r Us and more.

Our party was on the most beautiful day weather wise in months so it was hard to keep the kids inside so we did a indoor outdoor party. We started it off right with Gutzy Bingo which the boys were head to head most of the game.

After bingo the kids all wanted to head outside to run jump hop and skip, no but really they were itching to get out. The kids all loved thier patches and couldn't wait to get started and show them off.

Of course the girls loved them to. I was able to get a pick of miss Abby while she was dancing around looking cute as usual.
After the kiddos played outside we had some snacks and the rest of the kids finished up decorating their patches that they won from the games and trading (which I never understood) but hey they had fun and were all super excited. There are a ton of patches available I know my little miss Abby would love to get some more girly style patches and my son is all about the rocker boy patches. I see many trips for gutzy gear patches in my and my friends near future.

You can find Gutzy Gear on Facebook as well.