Saturday, August 4, 2012

Bread co. is the new hot spot.

When did bread co. Become the local bar hang out. People may not be getting drunk on alcohol but the banter is the same.  You have the typical bread company patrons but now you have a whole new class. You know the ones. The group of guys gathered around a four top talking sexist about woman and just over all inappropriate conversation. They don't seem to have a inside voice and everyone can hear them.

Then you also have those that are there to talk business but don't have any respect for anyone else there working or conducting business. What has happened to our quiet local wifi connecting nerds. It seems no place is safe any more. With the economy down I get why it would appeal to the masses to conduct their meetings here but we must all remember this is first and foremost a food establishment. There will be woman, men, and children here.

I think in this day and age most have Internet services so why is our restaurants, book stores and libraries being over run? Our once quiet safe havens are now the host of the party. Its a rare site anymore to see families all sitting down together for a meal and talking about their and i feel those days are slipping further and further away. I think its time our woman, men and children remember the old school values we once knew and have some respect for someone other than ourselves.

Have you noticed an increase in bar like atmospheres in unusual places?