Tuesday, August 21, 2012

DIY Tuxedo Cuff Bracelet

Cuffs are all the rage right now and my tuxedo cuff is no exception. It is super cute mixing elegance, class, and edgy all in one. You will need the following supplies:
White ruffled trim
Black pleated trim
3 white pearl buttons
Hot glue
Snap tool and pearl snaps
Thread & Needle

~Lets get started~

1. Cut 2 lengths of ruffled trim to a couple inches wider than your wrist.
2. Pin trim together to sew or you can hot glue them.
3. Over lap your trim sides as shown.
4. This is what you should have after you sew or glue.

5. Double thread your needle and knot the ends.
6. Hand sew your buttons on to the inner trim piece.
7. This is what the back will look like when you have your buttons on.
8. This is what the front looks like.

9. Hot glue your black trim to your ruffled white trim. You could sew it if you want.
10. This is what you should now have.
11. Insert your snaps using your tool.
12. Apply the second snap.

13. Here is your finished cuff.
14. How freaking cute is that. I LOVE mine.
15. Another shot of the cuff.
16. And one more. I know i look realllllly sleepy here.

You can make all kinds of cuffs using my tutorial. Mix and match different trims, buttons, lace and more to get your own custom signature cuff. How are you going to rock yours?

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