Friday, August 10, 2012

Favorites - Drugstore Edition Part 1

I have been getting request for posts on what some of my favorite products are so why not start now. I never recommend products that I don't feel are the best regardless of cost or reputation. Everything you see in my "favorites" posts are items I use regularly and just cant live with out.

First up I have been wanting to tell you all about my absolute favorite shampoo & conditioner. Its cheap, you can pick it up at walgreens or other local drugstores/mass chain stores and boy does it work like nothing I have ever tried. So what is you say...

#1: Clear Scalp & Hair Therapy. (Total Care)

There are many other formulas but this is what i have been using the past month and I am totally in LOVE. My hair is so clean and silky. Lots of other shampoos leave my scalp kind of itchy or flaky but not this one. You would think it was from high class salon and cost a whole lot more but its less than $5. I have even seen it sold for $3. Crazy I know. Also my hair is really oily that i usually have to wash it ever day or at least every other day but i have gone 3 days without washing it before and it still looks just as fresh as day 1. Seriously awesome stuff. That's why its #1 of my favs.

#2: Revlon ColorStay Foundation

I have been using this foundation for over a year actually. I ran out of my Makeup Forever $40 foundation and needed something fast so I bought this without high hopes but its fabulous. So fabulous that I have not since bought the makeup forever. I have also been restocking my kit with this brand when my other foundations run out. The best part is walgreens or ulta normally have it for $12 BOG1 50% off. So its very affordable and works like a charm. It comes in 2 formulas. I have oily native american skin (yes I'm probably the palest native out there lol) but this stuff last all day for me.

#3: L'oreal Paris Infallible Eyeliner

Keeping with the drugstore brand theme I have going on here I cant live without this eyeliner. I personally like cream liner (my fav is ELF) but it can be hard for beginners to use. So I decided to feature this one for you instead. I bought this again on a whim while I was going out skating with some friends and after a night of rollerskating my liner still had not budged so I knew it was destined to be my favorite. It says 16hr wear and i wouldn't doubt it. $8 compared to makeup forever aqua eyes at $18

#4: Maybelline Color Tattoo Cream Shadow

If you need a very long lasting eyeshadow this ones great. It is a little dry but hey if its gonna last 24hr it kinda has to be right. The colors are very rich and once it drys its not going anywhere. I mostly use these as a base and will apply mineral shadows on top of them to get a different look or effect but just these on their own are really nice to have. They are very comparable to... you guessed it makeup forever's aqua eye shadows which retail at $22 these are only gonna set you back $7.

#5: Sea Breeze Actives

Had to throw one more non-makeup item into the mix right. So you all know i have oily skin and well its prone to break outs even now that I'm in my 30's. All those people who said you'd out grow it lied or meant when your 80. Anyway that's irrelevant. I have been using this as my daily toner and finally have my skin on the right path to awesomeness. Its only $4 a bottle which will last you forever and it doesn't dry me out.

So I decided 5 products was a good random number to feature this go round but stay tuned for Drugstore Favorites Part 2 where I share more amazing products that you totally need in your not so secretive collection. Quit hording, you know who you are.