Thursday, August 2, 2012

Kushyfoot Sandals To Go

We have all seen those fold up style flats that you stick in your purse for when your feet hurt from wearing those to die for heels. Kushyfoot took them a step further. Their assortment of flats & sandals have a unique wavy design on the sole that massages and sooths tired achy feet.

I got the new Sandal Flats To Go in slate. They are very lightweight and easy to wear and best of all they are cute. There's nothing worse than being out somewhere and your only options are take your shoes off and walk around barefoot, which is super tacky, or bring some ugly rolled up cheap looking house shoe. I wore these with confidence and actually got complements on them at a fashion show did. Let me just say I sent a lot of models their way.

The best part about them are they fold up nice and small in their own little pouch. So far my kushyfoot sandals are holding up just fine, but I wouldn't recommend them for daily wear. They just aren't designed for that. Also rough surfaces may scratch the bottoms.
I definitely have my eye on the zebra flats to go next. Kushyfoot also has a nice selection of hosiery for men and women. I really like their tights. Be sure to check them out and give your feet a break.