Monday, August 6, 2012

ThinkFun Sure Brought the Fun.

I was given the opportunity to test out the yackety smack game from Thinkfun. I wasn't sure what to expect from the game at first but the kids were excited to play none the less. The game comes with one recorder and several cards with 4 pictures on them. They represent singing, karate, splat, and random. It also comes with a set on instructions. What I love the most about Thinkfun games are that no one is left out. The games are easy enough that the whole family can play.
Rob shuffled the cards and started getting the game set up while I read the directions. I must have read them a dozen times before I actually understood how to play and this was after I passed them a round to see if anyone else understood them.. This was the only down side to the game.
Abby was our youngest player so she got to record her sounds first. She recorded two sounds to represent two of the cards.
Next was Bradley's turn to record some sounds. He was the most creative with his sounds which doesn't surprise me. Please don't ask why the men in my house insist on sitting around with no shirts. It baffles me to.
We must have played a handful of rounds in one night. The kids really liked the game especially when we switched to the name version. That's where you record one sound and a players name. Then when the card that matches the sound is flipped from the player who name was recorded everyone rushes to smack the button.
Overall we had a lot of fun and there was no arguing or fighting in our house for the night. Since then this game has become a regular in our house. Thank you Thinkfun.
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