Saturday, September 15, 2012

Nordstrom rack opening 2012

I was invited to attend the media event for the opening of Nordstrom Rack. It is basically a outlet where you will save 50% or more off the designer goodies at Nordstrom. The event was packed with media and points reward members. On the RSVP it stated it was for fashionista but when we got there we saw sweat pants and other way to casual attire so that was a slight let down but it just made us stand out more I guess.
Blogger: SlapDashMom

They has cocktails and appetizer treys all over the floor which was a nice touch. Wish I had people follow me a round with miniature food every time I shopped. I will say that with the amount of people in the store I was worried stuff would spill all over the clothes. I heard some shoppers were lucky enough o find items as low as a penny and while I didn't have any luck finding those magical items ?I did snag up a couple shirts for less than $6 each.

I would have to say the holy grail for me was a orange Steve Maddin purse that I'm still drooling over and will most definitely go back for. Marked down to 39.99 from almost 70 is good enough for me. I had fun playing dress up with my friend and getting out but it could have been better. And by the end of the night we were both barefoot and headed to the truck unfulfilled.

SlapDashMom letting her feet regain