Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Rock n learn video system

Rock n Learn videos are a fun educational way to help children learn. They have several subjects from preschool and up. They even have a variety of platforms such as cd, dvd, and even iPad apps. Through the month of September you can find them at your local Sams Club.
I got the Preschool "Ready for School". I was surprised that my daughter was really into the video. This is her second year of preschool since her birthday was to late in the year to go on to kindergarten. I was really concerned she would be bored learning the same stuff over again but what I like about the video is it covers a lot of different areas including some she still needs help with. Like tying her shoes.
The videos are not much fun for parents to watch at least it wasn't for me however Abby really seemed to enjoy it. You can find out more about the Rock n Learn video system from their website but be sure to check them out on Facebook & Twitter.
And remember you can save money by getting them in a Sams club near you by the end of the month.
I received this item through Karma Media for my honest Review.