Saturday, October 13, 2012

Circus - Dragon Style..

This is the year of the dragon. Its a very special year it brings promise of change. Ringling Bro & Barnum & Bailey Circus was just that. A change unlike anything I have ever seen. The excitement of this show was so intense.

We started out at a meet & greet with several of the performers.

Abby was terrified of the clowns but she warmed up to them at the end.

After the meet & greet we got to go ring side to the pre-show. This was a fabulous opportunity as it got the kids involved.

The ring master was superb. He had an amazing strong voice and character to him that just set it apart from other circuses.

Abby loved the big cat show best...

But i was partial to the elephants...

Of course it couldn't be complete with out summoning the dragon.

Over all this really was the best show on earth.