Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Fall 2012 Fashion Trends

This season is all about contradictions it seems. Some of the biggest fashion no no's are now the fashion yes yes. Which seems to be the on going trend anyway. But for those of you that like to stay up-to-date on the trends lets take a look see.

Black & Blue: Normally never paired together in fear that you will look like a big bruise is now the hottest look on the runway. Pairing a Blue dress with a black blazer or black skinny jeans with a blue rocker leather jacket is going to be your best bet.

Military Trends: Back for it's second season are the military trends. Olive is a hot fall color and pair it with double breasted coats and  boots and you have yourself a little miss hottie outfit. I don't see this style going out anytime soon so you might want to look into snagging up some of these styles.

Burgundy is the new black: Every year they say some color is the new black. I just want to clear it up. There is no new black black is the new black. It's never going out of style is classic, its elegant, its professional but yes of course there are some other great colors out there and this year its burgundy/cranberry. This color has always been a beautiful fall fashion. Its warming and comforting.

Leather: What can I say about leather. Hmmm well it's HOTTTT!! In more than one way. Get yourself a hot leather jacket this year but steer clear of those leather and pleather pants that some how found their way back on our runways. They weren't cute in the 80's & 90's and well they just aren't cute now. Leather pants are very hard for any body type to pull off quit literally. You get to sweating in those things and you might as well hang it up.

Jumpsuits: Ok maybe it's because I love euro fashions and everything cutsie but I actually like that the jumpsuits have made a come back. You can do so much with them by dressing them up, going sexy, or staying on the more innocent side. They are comfortable and there are some for every body type.

And yes white can be wearable after labor day: The last controversial fashion this fall is white. Snow whites can be beyond beautiful when done properly. Layering all white is a beautiful fashion statement that I am personally in love with. It has always represented clean & crisp and its so pure. Just love it.