Thursday, October 4, 2012

Halloween Day of the Dead Look

Every year I get so busy in October that I don't get to do very many Halloween looks so this year i wanted to try and do one every week. To kick it off I decided to do a basic Day of the Dead look. For this look I just used Fantasy Makers Painter Palette in Red, Black, White & Grey.

Normally I don't like using grease makeup but I had this on hand and since it was just a basic look I figured it would be fine. If you use grease makeup you must set it with powder or it will just run right off your face. And the oilier you are the worse it gets but its fine for this.

First I applied the white to my face with a sponge and then blended out til it was very soft almost just a film of white.

Next is when it gets fun. Your eyes and nose are your main parts so do them first. I always draw the outlines on first then fill them in.

Once you get them filled in now you get to add the random designs, swirls, hearts, flowers, skulls or whatever else you want to incorporate in your look. Don't forget the shading or else it will look very flat and not done. At this point If i was working on a client I would set each color and go over them with matching eye shadows. I would also use a black liquid liner to go over the outlines to make them pop more and ad contrast to the shaded areas giving your face depth.

I hope you enjoy this easy how to and be sure to check out back next week for another Halloween inspired look.