Tuesday, October 2, 2012

New Sinful Colors for Fall.

It come at no surprise that I'm a nail polish hoarder. So while I was out searching for the ELF Disney villains pallets I came across a new display of Sinful Colors nail polish. The Enchanted/Muse display to be exact. Some of the colors looked familiar as they always have a couple repeats but I was able to find 6 new shades I didn't already have.

These creamy shades are perfect for fall. They were all mostly once coat for me except INKWELL. It was on the thinner runny side but two coats for it and it was fabulous as well. There are two greys in the collection so you may ask yourself do you really need both... Well yes you do because they are different. Jungle Trail is a warm pale grey with a taupe feel, and Smokin is more of a medium cool shade of grey.

These colors were hard to photograph well but they are all beautiful. If your a nail junkie like me or just need some hot fall shades definitely look in to these. At $2 each its a major deal.