Sunday, November 25, 2012

Piny Pon & Nenuco Dolls {PARTY}

PinyPon is sweeping the nation and we got the chance to see first hand why. These little colorful fashionistas are popular in Europe and or much loved her in the US as well. When we first received our party kit my daughter couldn't wait to rip into it. She was so excited she could hardly wait til Thanksgiving break. We invited some of her friends to come hangout and play with the pinypon and nenuco dolls.

All of the girls loved the dolls. Some of the cool features about the pinypon are they are interchangeable, meaning you can swap hair, accessories, clothes and even faces. One of the things I loved the most about them is all the tiny little accessories that the kids generally lose in a matter of minutes store inside their heads. Genius if you ask me.

There are soooo many pinypon dolls available all with their own unique traits I can see these being a big hit in my house. The caravan is also super cute fun and colorful. (Wouldn't expect anything less after seeing the dolls) It was really durable and even has a working shower. There is also many other play sets to go with them like a hotel, shopping mall, apartment and more.

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The Nenuco doll was also a really cute doll. The dolls can drink water from a bottle, go potty, and even blow bubbles out of her mouth. The packaging says for ages 4 and up but my daughter is 5 and didn't enjoy this as much as the pinypon dolls. I think the Nenuco doll would be perfect for younger kids especially in the potty training stages as it would really help with that. It would also be good for teaching kids how to care for a baby. My daughter just doesn't have much interest in baby dolls.

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With the holidays coming these would make great gifts.