Thursday, November 1, 2012

Take me away to Eden.

Its been a whole minute since my last review so I thought it only fitting to recap on some of the new fun items that are in stock now. When it comes to bath & body products and makeup you know its my weakness and I have my eye on a few new things.

First up is the new roller ball 4 packs from Bella ll Fiore. They come in two sets the St.Tropez pictured below and the Monet. Both are beautiful.
St. Tropez rollerball eyeshadow set - Eye shadow
They also have a new bronzer that I cant wait to get my hands on. The Safari Bronzer is so rich looking.
Mineral beauty bronzer - Bronzer
When it comes to B&B products it's hard to find new innovating products but the new  Heart's Desire massage gel is just that. This unique gel liquefies to a sensual oil. Giving you the connivance of a gel with results of a oil.
Heart's Desire massage gel - Oil
Available in 3 yummy fragrances: Havana Nights, Tahitian Sunrise, & Parisian Lavender.

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