Saturday, November 17, 2012

What was I thinking... Nails

Its been so long since i have done a nail tutorial since I was trying to let them breath for awhile. And trust me every day that i would look down at my naked nails I couldn't wait to paint them again. But what was in store for them even I could not understand.

I new I wanted to use some cute colors and do something abstract. Picking out the colors was the easy part and then it happened. My mind just decided to check out on vacation. Here I was with all my nail goodies ready to go and I hadn't even the slightest clue what i was going to do.

I blame it on withdraws. My head was spinning like a kid in a toy store for the very first time. Being pulled in so many directions and spinning out of control. So to sum it up we got some crazy ass nails going on here. Oh and it took FOREVER to dry.

When you sit down to do your nails do you ever mentally check out and later think WTF? I know I do.