Monday, December 31, 2012

My BEST New Years Eve Beauty Tips.

Clients and fans come to me all the time for my best beauty advise and I have been getting lots of request especially for new years eve. Those that know me know that I specialize in over the top all out fabulous makeup but to be honest there is a time and place for that and well in my opinion a night of drinking, dancing and what not is just not the best place. I can tell you first hand its hard to keep dramatic makeup looking great over the course of a intense evening. (shocking I know)

So here we go.
1. Make your eyes pop. Now before you rush around to find the glitter and gems and what have you, your eyes will be more of the focus by using a eyeshadow that brings out the color of your eyes. And then top that with a thin black liner on the top and bottom. Not sure what color to wear? Here are my suggestions:

Blue Eyes - Warm (Copper, Peach, Coral, Bronze) Cool (Pale Pink, Violet - Purple, Navy) or Neutrals (White, Grey, Chocolate, Khaki)

Green Eyes - Warm (Gold, Olive, Copper, Apricot) Cool (Violet - Deep Purples) Neutrals (Mocha, Salmon, Champagne)

Brown Eyes - Warm (Gold, Bronze, Copper, Rust) Cool (Teal, Blues, Pinks, Purple) Neutrals (Ivory, Browns)

Havel Eyes - Warm (Gold, Sunflower, Sand) Cool (Lilac, Soft Pinks, Plum) Neutrals ( Grey, Cream, Browns)

* If you want to break out the glitter for a glamorous look try doing a neutral eye with a hint of gold glitter around the eyes and highlight points.
2. Lips can be understated. Many people think you need to have red lips to be glamorous but in all reality a nude lip with a peach or pink undertone can really warm up your skin and give you a irresistible pout.
3. Romantic Locks. Curls will always be the key to romantic hair. There are so many styles of curls so they are perfect for every length, cut, and texture. You can play with soft beach waves all the way up to voluptuous spirals. After you get your perfect curls try pulling the hair up in a lose messy bun. Its elegant and will really help if your going to be dancing the night away.
4. Bling it up elsewhere. Since your skipping the disco ball face put that bling to good use in other places. Glitter shoes and sparkle dresses are sooo hot for new years eve just don't over do it. Try pairing a little black dress with glitter shoes or little black shorts with a sequin or metallic top and blazer.

Have a great New Years & Stay Safe.