Friday, December 28, 2012

Oasap fashion hunnting.

Ok so its no surprise but I'm totally in love with my recent package from OASAP. I am always a little bummed when I see clothing stores that carry 90% one size fits all because well it just doesn't. You may be a size 2 with no boobs or a size 2 with huge ones so you tell me how its possible to fit in the same clothes. What I like the most about oasap is even though everything is listed as one size they do have all the measurements so you can check them against yours to see if and how it will fit on your body. Sizes are in cm but its very easy to convert them online if your like me and use inches.

First up I got 3 pairs of awesome earrings. I'll start with the heart shaped white and silver ones. These are adorable with the perfect blend of cute & classy. Next I got the angel wings. These are my favorite ones. Something about them just screams kawaii to me. And last I got the cut out cat face earrings. I got these in pink since i knew my daughter would steal them from me. The only bad part was these were bent and when I tried to fix it the stem broke.
Leopard Printing Bat-wing Sleeve Loose T-shirt $26.00
Saving the best for last I got the leopard print bat wing shirt that I just  love love love. Seriously that's a lot of love. It fits me perfectly and it has a lot of strecth to it so it would be flattering on all shapes and sizes. I can pair this with skinny jeans and heels or leggings and flats and it looks great no matter what. Also I get tons of complements when I wear it so I really truly recommend it without a doubt.
I look forward to my oasap packages the most since I know the quality will be great and I'm gonna love whats inside. Check them out friend them and all that good stuff. Until next time happy shopping.