Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Pirates Band of Misfits - April 27th

Pirates Band of Misfits is set to hit the theathers this friday April 27th. It is a classic Wallace & Grommit style move that debuts Hugh Grant in his first animated part as Pirate Captin.

Pirate Captins crew of ameture pirates set sail to plunder in hopes of helping him win the pirate of the year award. Little did they know they were up against a pirate hating queen and several more qualified applicants. After coming to the dessision he could never get enough "booty" to become pirate of the year his path connects him to Charles Darwin who has been in search for the rarest of rare animals....Polly.

I loved that this movie was 3D. It gave it a little more appeal to what would normally be a bland brittish comedy. I dont think this is gonna top the charts this week so i would wait til it comes to reb box. However if you have small children and are looking for a rainy day weekend activity by all means check it out you will get a few laughs.

*I may have been compensated or rewarded for my review but my opinions are always 100% my own.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Pretty in Pink & Cinderella Project -ST.LOUIS



St. Louis, MO – Friday, April 20th - Just in time for Prom Season, PRETTY IN PINK is playing for one night only Thursday night April 26th, 7pm at the B&B Wildwood 10! Tickets are only $5. 10% of all tickets and concessions sold during the special showing go to benefit The Metro St. Louis Cinderella Project, the local organization that provides the gift of a prom dress to young women in the metropolitan area who are unable to acquire one on their own. B&B will also donate 10% of all tickets and concessions sold during all their showtimes throughout the entire weekend of April 27th when patrons bring in a flyer found in the Coupon Section on the B&B Theatres Facebook page at

PRETTY IN PINK stars Molly Ringwald as Andie, a high school senior who has a crush on preppy, Blane, played by Andrew McCarthy. When Andie and Blaine try to get together, friends try to tear them apart. The supporting cast includes Jon Cryer as Duckie, Harry Dean Stanton, Annie Potts and James Spader.

THE METRO ST. LOUIS CINDERELLA PROJECT is an annual prom project of the Community Council and a member of the United Way of Greater St. Louis. For more information, please visit

B&B THEATRES is the 26th largest theatre chain in North America and operates over 200 screens in Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, and Florida. B&B has corporate offices in Liberty, Fulton, and Salisbury, MO and Los Angeles, CA. For more information go to B&B’s website at or follow us on Facebook at

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Where did i go wrong - RANT

Where did I go wrong?

Warning this may sound one sided, bitchy, or what have you but hey it’s my blog. My question is simply this. Where did I go wrong? Where did any of us go wrong? My family is your typical both parents, 2 kids and 2 dogs. We live in our own home, don’t have credit card debt up to our ears or other common but stressful situations. It’s a classic story. Boyfriend works 40+ hours a week and im a wahm. On top of running my own business, being a blogger, makeup artist and photographer im a mom. And that alone is a full time job. Although my other 4 “jobs” may not be your steady 40+ hour a week check they do pay some bills, let me be able to have lunch with friends and do a little shopping and as you all know those are key essentials when you’re a mom and get very little “adult” interaction. It keeps us sane.

So here begins my rant, My question of the day, My reality kicking in. During a typical day we do what we can to clean, do the errands, get the kids where they need to be on time, have dinner ready and on the table by 6, get homework done, showers, snack and bed. Well in my typical day I also have to take the hubby to work, pick him up, and try to fit in some work for one of my 4 jobs. So what made me ask for help with the dishes? What was I thinking? Did I really think it would be that easy, that he would stop playing on his phone to help me? I guess we will call it a moment of weakness or insanity but I now know where my place is, what my reality is. Sometimes we have these moments of truth and over a day or two they pass but for some reason this time it sticks. This time is the time that opened my eyes to how much things haven’t changed. It may be 2012 but nothing has changed. Woman are still expected to handle all this and now on top of it we also have to bring home a paycheck. So how is it fair? How has it changed?

I won’t ramble on and on but I needed to get this out there, and if you bothered reading the entire post I appreciate it. At least someone is hearing me at least someone can sense how I feel. Maybe you can relate? Maybe you can’t because you’re still in a delusional state of mind? Or maybe you haven’t been pissed off enough yet that you are debating back and forth between stabbing your hubby in the eye or taking a hammer to his phone. Either way I thank you.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Palmoolive Fresh Sponge - Review

 I was given this product complimentary for testing purposes from Colgate-Palmolive via Influenster.

I really hate the icky smell left behind from a used dish sponge. I have tried many ways to try and clean the sponge but i was never left with a satisfying result. Popping in in the dishwasher on the anti-bacteria setting took forever, putting it in the microwave made it dryer than a piece of toast that often cracked and just washing it with soap or bleach wasn't good enough either. More times than not i would just toss it and well lets face it that's not very economical.

I was sent the new Palmolive fresh sponge and i was curious so right away i did some dishes....By hand mind you. I know crazy right. Well it works. I have been using this same sponge for several weeks and it still smells fresh. Well actually it doesn't really have a smell but that means its working. No more icky kitchen smells around here.

For the purpose of this review my kit came with a bottle of fresh sponge, a basic sponge, and coupons to share with my friends. I'm sure they are gonna love this as much as i do so even though it was hard to share the love i did cause no one wants a nasty kitchen. See Palmolive & I are saving kitchens one sponge at a time.
To get your own coupon click here.

Sadie Kicks Butt Giveaway

Welcome to the Sadie Kicks Butt giveaway! My fellow blogger Sadie from Slap Dash Mom recently issued herself a pretty big challenge – bike 100 miles before her birthday or give away all her birthday presents. That’s pretty good motivation, right?

Well, it worked. Sadie met her goal, plus an extra 10 miles before her birthday. But we couldn’t leave her readers empty handed. That’s right, you still get to win presents!
I’ve teamed up with a few other bloggers to give away some cool prizes in honor of Sadie’s success:
$25 PayPal Cash (Open Worldwide)
My Self Defense Kinect game ($49.99 value – Open to US Only)
$50 PayPal Cash (Open Worldwide)
The giveaway will run from Monday, April 16th through Monday, April 23rd at 11:59pm EST.
Ready to win?
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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Zebra stripes on chameleons? Nail Art Tutorial

My nails were in much need of some TLC so i wanted to do something fun but without the use of dimensional items such as glitters, beads, clay ect. So i ran sacked my nail bin and came across a chameleon polish that i never got a chance to use. It by essence called wheres the party.

Its a beautiful purple shimmer with a brown and green shift depending on the light.
After applying the polish i added some random white strokes in a zebra pattern to really make the colors pop.
I love how it changes. Even though it was hard to photograph its so pretty.
Oh course always seal in your nail art with a fast drying top coat. I only use and recommend seche vite.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Happy Easter Nail Art

Getting into the Easter spirit with a fun egg hunt nail design. This is a very easy design to do so there's really no directions for this one. I used a clear opal on the nail followed by some green grass and a little egg. Then just add in some little flowers on the grass. Top with a clear coat and your good to go.

Happy Easter Everyone.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Easter Goodie Egg Giveaway

Just a quick giveaway to kick off my customer appreciation month. This giveaway will end on Easter and is open to US residents only this time. You don't need to be a current customer to enter.

Up for grabs we have an adorable plastic egg filled with Abigails Boutique Designs goodies.
5 eyeshadow samples : sunshine, peach shimmer, vintage beauty, pink moscato, blasted
2 facial samples: chocolate covered strawberry, mango kelp
1 lip balm: grape
2 hair clippies
1 heart soap: strawberries & champagne

Italian Pasta Salad...perfect for summer.

When the weather gets warm who wants to eat heavy, fried, starchy, or hot foods. Not me that's for sure. One thing i love about summer salads is how easy they are to throw together, how different you can make them and how lite but filling they are.

I'm one of those cooks that just cooks. No recipes, and usually always switch things up a bit. So this time i took a traditional italian pasta salad and switched it up by throwing in fresh mozzarella, sun dried tomatoes and capers. This combination is really pleasant. The little citrus zing the capers lend to the marinated sun dried tomato is a match made in heaven. I especially LOVE the fresh mozzarella.
While my tri color rotini noodles cook i mix up some capers, sun dried tomato, minced garlic, basil, with a splash of EVOO.
Mix it a round real good and let the flavors blend.
After the noodles are done, drain them, rinse them with cold water, add to the bowl and mix in the cheese. Then you can either add in some more olive oil, vinegar, and spice or cheat and add your favorite italian dressing.
This is great for family bbq's, parties, or even lunch. Its even better the next day you will just have to add in more dressing to freshen it up.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Our family reward system.

I have had a lot of people email me and text me about how i do my kids chore charts and reward system. So here is how i do mine. Its focus is to reward good behavior and focus on the possitive instead of taking away or punshing for the negative. Now this may not work for everyone but since putting this into play i have had such sucsess that its just beyond words.

I made the charts in excel based on the things i wanted my kids to do everyday. Now i have a 11 year old boy and a 4 year old girl so the charts are different based on what they need to get done. The 3 bonus options at the bottom are things they can do everyday to earn extra points.
The points transfer into tickets and they use those to buy things from our little store. I use a plastic tote as the store and on the front is a color coded legend so they know what things cost in tickets. (which are just those raffle tickets from office max or walgreens, ect)
Inside the box we have all drinks, snacks and toys that they dont get often so they hold "value" to my kids. I always restock with different stuff so they dont get bored. We have drinks and candy are 5 tickets, bubbles, chalk and small toys are 10, then it goes up to 20, 30, 50 or 100. Basically how i price things are what ever it was to the 10th. So if it was $1 its 10 tickets, if its $5 its 50 tickets and so on and so on. I get all the little toys and stuff by searching the clearence isles of stores and buying when there are sales so nothing cost over $10 but usually $5 max.
I hope this will help inspire you to come up with a system that works well for you and your kids and remember to always focus on possitive. Many times kids act up because they only get that attention from when they are bad or actting up. But if you make it a bigger deal that they are good they will strive to be better. Trust me it does work. Good luck.