Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Pantone 2013

As a beauty/fashion guru my favorite time of year is learning the pantone colors. This year I'm not really sure what to think about them. I guess because my personal style is a little more on the dark side and the colors this year are very light we are battling it out. But there are a few colors I am excited about.

The first color the really jumps out to me is Nectarine. I think this is such a beautiful color that works with all skin tones, eye color and hair color. It is a universal.

Of course I like the emerald and the monaco blue and even the grayed jade is getting a little love from me. I for one cant wait to see how the designers use these colors to pull off wearable looks for the masses. I will say this be on the look out for lots of emerald as it is this years new black. Now again if you ask me black will always be the new black but I'm open for a little color pick me up from time to time just don't tell anyone. It will be our secret. What color are you really digging this year?