Thursday, February 21, 2013

The way I Roll.

Growing up with the president of a motorcycle club and both parents being race car drivers, bikes and going fast is just in my blood. I started out with my first dirt bike at like 5 years old. Now even though my dad is die hard Harley I'm more of the crotch rocket kinda gal. So long story short compromise was made and I bought a Buell (manufactured by Harley) so everyone is happy. I already have some pretty sweet plans for this bike.
You all know I'm a pretty girly girl with a dark twist so of course my bike is getting painted all black. Then I'm powder coating the rims to be fuchsia. Slapping on a few ground effects lights and just to deter guys from thinking about taking it a nice big hello kitty decal on the tank. Yup its a dream come true.

So in the mean time I have had to refresh on how to ride it and things are going fabulous. I will say I don't remember feeling like I was going this fast on a dirt bike but wow talk about adrenaline rush. Anyway just wanted to share my new adventure with you all and I will of course keep you updated on the progress of my bike and adventures. Come on spring weather :)