Tuesday, March 26, 2013

BA STAR {Review}

BA Star is a leading brand among cheer, dance and competitors. They offer makeup, bags, and hair accessories. They even have custom kits.
I got the smokey eyeshadow palette in "Natural". Each smokey palette comes with 3 shadows and 2 glitters. They don't play around let me tell you. The eyeshadows are very pigmented and so extremely shimmery its almost to much but for dance and cheer it would be perfect. The glitters are amazing as well and I cant get over how beautiful they are especially the crystal one. It has a intense blue shift to it.

I created a simple eye tutorial with the natural palette.
1. Start by applying the nude shade to the brow bone just under the brow.
2. Next apply bronze to the inner corner.
3. Now apply cocoa to the outer corner and blend up into the nude.
4. Do your liner and mascara as usual and your done.

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