Monday, March 25, 2013

My Top 10 Nail Tips

1. Never File your nails immediately after a bath, as this is when they’re at their weakest and most likely to split.
2. To repair a split nail, tear a paper from a teabBag or coffee filter and glue it over the tear with nail glue. Once it is dried buff it until it gets smooth. Then apply nail polish of choice

3. Whenever you wash your hands, make it a habit to apply hand cream because it helps to cover your nails and seal in moisture, so they look healthy.

4. To tidy cuticles, use cuticle cream with exfoliating AHAs, which gently remove excess skin and moisturise at same time.

5. Don't rub nail polish remover back and forth into the nail as this will only cause the polish to stain.

6. To whiten nails or clean stained nails mix a little baking soda and peroxide and use a cotton ball to clean the nail.

7. File your nails when they have polish on them this way you are not distracted by your nail line and can achieve more summitry.

8. Always use a base coat to help prevent staining.

9. NEVER bite your nails. Infection can grow under the nail bed and this is just bad so stop.

10. Try something fun, use tape to mark off a design, or use a pin head to make dots. Mix it up after all its another way to express yourself and you can tell a lot about a person by looking at thier hands.

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