Friday, March 22, 2013

Oh How You Caress Me {Review}

You alreadt know how much I love Edenfantasys but here are two more reasons. On top of them adding new products daily and offering great specials, discounts, and shipping I got the oppertunity to try out the Lelo flickering touch massage oil and the Kama Sutra intimate caress shave cream. First I want to share with you how amazing the shaving cream is.
Intimate caress shave cream - Shaving foam
I have tried many shave creams from Edens but I have to say this is by far the very best one. Its available in 3 delicious fragrances; (pomegranate, coconut/pineapple, & honeysuckle) I originally wanted the coconut/pineapple but it seems like its been out of stock forever which is kinda a down side to Edens but I got the honeysuckle and I'm totally happy with it. It retails for $12.99 for a 8oz bottle. It is super creamy and moisturizing plus it smells heavenly. It doesn't foam or suds up its just a silky lotion but a little goes a long way.
Lelo flickering touch massage oil - Oil
Now on to the Lelo massage oil. I was so excited to get this and I love sensual, warm fragrances so I thought the spicy clove & amber would be perfect for me. The packaging is super sleek and modern which I love. The retail price is $38.99 for a 4 oz bottle. But before you judge it I will say keep in mind it has 24 karat gold flakes in it that when rubbed into the skin leaves you with a soft, subtle glow. I enjoy the feel of the oil and like that it doesn't leave you sticky or greasy feeling but I have to take off major points for the fragrance. Maybe its just me but I think its way to soft. I get a very faint spice smell from time to time but mostly I just smell oil. Once its all rubbed in however the oil smell dissipates and your left with a very light amber. I think this one would be best for those that don't like a strong scent or people who don't get anything from setting the mood with fragrance.

Overall im pleased as usual with my purchase from Edenfantasys.