Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Garnier Oil-Free BB Cream {Review}

As a makeup artist I go through a lot of products. Always looking for the best. Wheter its the best value, best price, best coverage, it doesn't matter. For my models they look fabulous no matter what but I'm a whole other story. I have so much Native American in my that my skin is just a oil slick most of the time not to mention the old acne scars and large pores.

Most BB creams have light reflecting particles that don't do my skin any justice as they just make it appear even more shiny. I have tried the Garnier BB cream when it first came out and was not impressed with that formula at all. BUT now they have a oil free formula that is to die for. It helps eliminate the oil and also has a better coverage. I wont go in to details because I think a picture speaks a thousand words.

 1. No makeup, you can see scaring, pores and just overall unevenness.
2. A closer pic without any makeup.
3. Half and Half. You can see one side with the bb cream and one without.
4. Same side as before but with the BB cream only.
5. Now the whole face looking 100% better and smoother.

See, now didn't I say pictures speak a 1000 words. In this case maybe 2000. I will definitely be using this product a lot over the summer. Its so light weight I don't feel it.

MUA Tip of the Day: Apply with a flat foundation brush using light downward strokes to get a nice even blended look.