Thursday, May 2, 2013

All-Star Performance {Review}

When I was younger I use to love going to the batting cages to let out some frustrations. It was fun and actually very helpful. As the years passed it seemed as though most of the cages had closed and I was forced to find other ways to de-stress. That is until I found All-Star Performance. I was so excited to find out there was a indoor facility so close to home.

 All-Star is more than just batting cages though. They offer seminars, instruction, father-son clinics, memberships, camps and more. They even have some ex pros on their team to help you. When I first walked in I admit I was a little nervous but the staff was super friendly and helpful. I was able to take a tour of the facility and it was very clear that the members and the staff were very comfortable there. The kids were really focused but still having a blast.

After the tour it was time to get in the cage and knock some balls around. They do have some bats and other equipment for you but it is best to bring your own. And I will say You are gonna want to bring a batting glove cause man my hands were so sore and bruised when I was done but i was really cranking them out. Batting + Frustrations = Fun

Over all it was a great experience and would benefit anyone or team no matter age or ability. They have teamed up with The Athlete's Edge to provide personal training and nutrition as well so it really is a fulls service training center.

You can find them on Facebook & Twitter.