Tuesday, May 14, 2013

My mineral foundation routine. {Review}

I wanted to share with you all my mineral foundation routine and give you all some tips. Now I have very sensitive horrible skin as you will see from the pictures and of course it takes a lot of courage for me to share this with you all but I feel its my job to tell you whats hot and whats not when it comes to makeup.

Being a makeup artist I see lots of faces. Some that are naturally beautiful and some that need a little help. Theres no shame in that. Of course your skin care and how you have cared for your face all these years plays a big role in the way you look today but it also has a lot to do with genetics and the skins physical makeup. I will spare you the science and skip right to the point.

Here is what a good quality fuller coverage mineral makeup can do for you.
-It can help correct your skins problems instantly and with continued use.
-It can boost your confidence.
-It can land you that hottie you have been drooling over.

Well ok maybe not that last one but definitly the first two. So below we have large pores, some scarring, some discoloration, some puffyness and some mild acne.

Using mineral makeup from here in the shade buff you can see there is a big difference. The skin tone is evened out but not made to look cakey or heavy. The puffiness is down and the scaring and pores are less noticable. Now if I really wanted to make it all dissapear or if I was going to be in pics or film or go on a hot date I would use a liquid foundation then set it with this mineral foundation just a little tip there for ya.

Yes I know I look strange to you all without my normal makeup so please dont ask me to do this again lol...
Now taking it a step further by using the following products I have a finished look and a boost of confidence.
- Light bronzer: Frappe
- Blush: Apple Jack
- Eyeshadows: Jinx, Fools Gold, Sweet
And right now all eyeshadows are just $3 til friday 5/17/13 at midnight.