Friday, June 21, 2013

Monster University in Theathers June 21st

I have to admit Monsters Inc was not my favorite Disney/Pixar movie. It was cute but I just wasn't feeling it. So when Monsters University came out I wasn't sure I would care for it to much. Again it was cute but not my most anticipated movie of the year.

Monsters U takes you back to before the duol worked at the scare factory. Even before Mike and Sulley were friends. In fact the two monsters couldn't stand each other from the moment they meet. Mike was a hard working book smart monster that just didn't get it and Sulley was a cocky monster riding on the family name. Each had something to learn to get to where they wanted to go.

It is a visually stimulating movie and learning how the characters came to be was nice I just felt something was missing for me. It also appeared to be really long however little miss abby liked it but it doesn't compare to her all time favorite of Despicable me.