Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Swim Wear Mishaps.

As summer approaches we all tend to dread swim suit shopping. I know I do In fact I hate it so much I have been wearing the same suit for years and yes one of them was a maternity suit. My youngest is 6 so that should tell you how loathsome it really is.

We all make some common mistakes the main one being if we cover it up it will be less noticeable and look better. WRONG this could not be further from the truth and I'm here to show you why. I finally talked myself in to doing it It was hot my pool wasn't ready and the kids wanted to swim so off to the store I went. Thinking it would take me hours and many stores to find one mediocre suit I was wrong. I found some right away that I liked. On the rack that was. So I loaded up and headed to the changing room. I got several one piece, tankinis, and even a monokini. For the hell of it I also picked up ONE bikini.

What I was about to see was shocking.

I tried on a few that were just horrible in that they didn't fit at all and weren't flattering so I didn't even get pics of them. I finally came across this pink suit.

As you can see its a one piece and I actually thought it was kinda cute until I checked the photos. They reveal it all. My chest looks like it has fallen to my belly button and fro the side it looks like I'm flat chested. This is due to no support in the halter style top. The bottom also made me look much larger and it looks like I have back fat. This is obviously a no go. Although I did like the roaching across the stomach and lower cut leg openings.

Next I hope is a little blue number with roaching and a little more going on.

I also considered this one til i saw the pics. I liked that the color brought out my eyes. Didn't like that it brought out back fat and took away the good curves I have going on. I just look like a tree trunk.

Next was my safe choice. Black with ruffles for a feminine touch.

I really liked this one over all and almost got it. I liked the ruffle halter top and the rouching across the tummy. It sits lower at the hips so that's good to. I really cant say there is anything about this that I didn't like It was comfortable. If I wanted to nit pick I might say something about the hip roll area but that's more my problem than the suits.

Finally I came across the bikini that I was dreading. I have been working so hard to get fit and I have not had my behind in a bikini for 13 years. Every year it bothers me every year I am to ashamed of my body. Well not this year.

I went with a simple black bikini with a cute rouching design on the top and a fold over bottom with cute cheetah embellished wider sides. Now its important to find a good cut in the bottom. This is gonna make or break it. Also the top is under wire and very supportive. Keep them girls up where they are suppose to be. Now I do have more crunches to do but by the end of summer I will be toned and it will only get better.

This was a very hard post to make but if I could help you in any way and help boost you up I will. The most important tip I can give you even after all this Is to be confident that you are you. We all have issues within ourself but no one can be a better you.