Saturday, November 23, 2013

Mama vox box

I love being a part of Influesnster. You never know what your going to get and im so excited to share all the new products and my thoughts with you. Are you ready? I sure am.

The Mama VoxBox:

Ponds Luminous Finish BB+ Cream: $9.99
Score: C-
It smells soooo heavy. People can smell you coming a mile away. As for the coverage it was sheer but buildable and the consistancy was pretty nice like a good moisturizer. I realyl wanted to like this but I couldnt get past the scent. Maybe in summer when you typically smell like suntan lotion you could pull this off

belVita Soft Baked Breakfast Biscuit: $3.69
Score: D
Who doesnt like getting new foods to try. It really doesnt need this long of a name though. It is a cookie thats all that needs to be said on that. Taste however just wasnt there for me at all. Its soft and chewy but it taste like those gormet dog biscuits with that carbo chips. Its not horrible but when I think oh chocolate chip cookies this sint what comes to mind. It has some weird tangyness to it as well that is a no go.

(Not pictured)Annies Real Aged Cheddar Mac n Cheese: $1.69+
Score: B to a B-
My scoring on this one is a little different since it can go two ways for me. If you like microwaved mac n cheese then this one fairs about as good as the others. However if you dont then I wouldnt start here. I think it is a fast snack that the kiddos seemed to like but for my taste buds I craved more.

(Not Pictured)Dr.Scholl's For Her Comfort Insoles: $12.49
Score: A
I love these. I never really thought I needed or would benifit from having insoles but my arch is really high and spending a lot of time on my feet and in heels I knew there had to be a secret. Well ladies this is it. They are clear so no one sees them but really I mean why would people be looking that close to your feet anyway. Plus I like that even though there is some sticky grip to hold them in I can put them in different shoes and the dont slip around. Thats a better deal for me since I hae a shoe addiction.

 So there you have it. Some hit or miss products to be sure to check out brought to you by me and Influenster. Please noet the items I have just reviewed were provided to me by Influenster.