Saturday, January 25, 2014

Finding the Right Makeup Artist

As with any job its sometimes hard to find the right fit. Makeup is no different. The industry is so over saturated with artist some good, some well... terrifying. You should know a few things before deciding on the best fit for you. A makeup artist sole purpose is to make you look and feel amazing on your special day.

A professional makeup artist will know how to use makeup to increase your beauty and enhance your features. They work with each face in a unique way and use colors that best suit you. They can contour and highlight, while still keeping it natural and flawless. However just because some one is a pro doesn't make them the best fit for you. That's where your homework comes in.

Always investigate. Ask what their qualifications are. Make sure you have seen photos of their recent work along with any awards or achievements they have received.  Check other clients experience with their services. Ask yourself some questions. Do the specialize in the type of makeup you are wanting? Do the use the type of formula you like? Are the sanitary? Do the have a good reputation? Are they local?

If you are needing makeup for your wedding most artist will include a consultation. It is very important to do this so you can discuss your needs, try out different styles and colors and make sure there is no allergic reaction. This is also a great time to discuss any add on services they may offer that you would want on your special day.

Many times professional makeup artist offer other services such as one on one lessons, group classes or personal shopping. Check around and be sure you take your time to find the artist right for you. Its more than just makeup its a memory that will last with you forever.
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Credits: MUA-Robyn Taylor, Model - Kim Andert, Photog - Curt Parker, Designer - CW Couture