Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Whats in your goodie bag?

If your boyfriend came to you and said he wanted to put together a goodie bag for you what would you want in it? Shoes, Makeup, Clothes? or would you go a different route with Food, Candy, Home Goods? This is the question of the hour.

My boyfriend has got to be the best and I know we all probably think that but seriously he is something special. A love I've never felt a ever lasting love and friendship. I wont bore you all with my sappy views on love and what it should be but I will say I finally found it and can't imagine life without. So back to the goodie bag.

I was presented with the opportunity to go to a special blogger event for St.Louis Fashion Week and im unfortunately going to have to miss out so Mr.Wonderful wanted to put together a goodie bag for me cause we all know the best part about those events are the swag. Well this got my mind racing. I mean what could I possibly ask for that he hasn't already given me.

As I scour through endless websites and possibilities I have to remind myself its for me and I deserve to be spoiled from time to time. Normally I would get the kids something or the house something (pretty much everyone else comes first when your a mom). I finally narrowed it down to a few things I love or have wanted for a while.

Candles: You can never go wrong with a delicious sexy smelling candle.
Makeup: You all know Im a junkie when it comes to beauty.
Perfume: I have tons but I have been lusting over D&G Desire
Skincare: Mia 2 Clarisonic

He wanted a list of 10 items so I still have a long way to go but it got me thinking If you were building your dream basket what would be in it?