Thursday, May 15, 2014

Beach Bag Must Haves

Lately the weather has been crazy warm here is St.Louis so it has me thinking about the beach and amazing blue waters. Me and Mr. Perfect have lots of plans for the kiddos this summer and two very different ideas of what should go in a beach bag. Its quit comical the difference between men and woman and the way we think. At the risk of Mr. Perfect not talking to me I'm going to exploit that difference anyway.

Up first we have my picks for the perfect beach bag this year. It includes sunglasses, flip flops, a couple nail polishes, that perfect coral reef lip gloss, some waterproof mascara and most importantly sunscreen.

As for the fellows, they think we need the following: condoms, booty shorts, massage oil, lube and some sunglasses although those are optional. So be sure to pack your own beach bag this summer.