Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Foundation Highlight & Contour {Makeup}

I get a lot of request for highlighting and contouring. I will say one way doesn't work for everyone. You need to know your face or your clients face shape and you need a little knowledge on light placement. Its not rockets science by any means but there is a science to it. Basically you want to bring forward the areas that are closer to the light and you want to recess the areas that would fall below the surface to emphasis the dimension.

There are several ways to do this here are a few:

To get a softer effect that will be more natural and less made up use foundation. I like to apply my normal shade to my face then a shade or two lighter for highlight and 1-2 shades darker for contour. Then using a damp beauty blinder softly blend them out. This is the method I Show below.

For a more dramatic effect you can use powders. Start with normal foundation routine then using a very light powder press it into the skin in the highlight areas and  let it sit and press in a darker shade or none shimmer bronzer in the dark areas. I always use a lot of product for this method and really press it in then after it sits for a while use a fluffy powder brush and knock off all the extra. Be careful not to brush to much or it will get muddy.