Sunday, July 13, 2014

I dont want to be Lost

I don't think rock bottom is necessary what people think it is. I don't think its not having a house or money or family or even being hungry. Its not being without materialistic things. I think its a emotional state of giving up the will to live. No one can help with that. Once you have reached this "rock bottom"  no one can help or even begin to know how you feel or function.

Its not the same for everyone and you'll never truly be able to feel someone else's pain. But what do people do? They prey for anything and everything thinking some belief will send them money or a job or a home or food but the help never comes. All those things can be fixed. Corrected per say with determination and connections.
What about the ones who are truly at "rock bottom". There's no magic belief coming to make it all better. Just more and more shit getting dumped on us to so call make us stronger. And I love the other saying that your only given as much as you can handle. What a load of bull. I agree dealing with pain, past skeletons and hardships do have a way of changing your perception, your out look on life but what happens when you get so strong your strength is then just another weakness.

Then you have no where to turn no place to run no one to help you are truly Lost. We hang on for as long as we can replaying favorite memories, looking at our loved ones faces trying to hold on to what little hope is left what little happiness we felt and what little will we have to go on because no one wants to be lost forever.