Tuesday, September 9, 2014

A Walk in the Park.. {Fashion}

Style doesn't have to always be over the top dresses, exotic hair and makeup and $$$$$$. Style is what your comfortable in, what makes you feel good, and what you feel is a expression of yourself. Im not about to wear heels and 20 pounds of jewelry for a walk in the park.

Me and Mr.Perfect decided it was a beautiful day to go to our local park. It has been insainly hot so the break in the weather was a much needed change. I headed out in a old navy boat neck top I have had for like ever, some distressed white jean shorts, a pink clutch and pink sandals.

Accessories that with a ring and some bracelets and your good to go. Oh and sunglasses don't forget them on a day like this.

Soft everyday makeup and a side braid are the perfect pair for this casual day at the park. All in all my complete outfit was maybe $30 at most. Fashion doesn't have to break your bank. Especially if you know how to shop. See those sandals? $2 bought at end of season last year. The clutch was bought around the same time for only $5.

Tip* Wait for end of season deals to find pieces that are not super trendy so they will still be wearable next year