Saturday, September 6, 2014

Kat Von D Autograph Liners {Makeup}

I love shopping in general but I really love when I can find amazing deals on makeup. Today I was checking out my local TJ Maxx cause you never know what your going to that you absolutely need and I came across these bad boys. The kat von d autograph liner set which normally retails for $49. I bet your thinking it was at least $20 bucks right? WRONG.... Only $6.99 for the complete set of 10 and let me tell you these liners are no freakin joke.

I swatched them all for you and after I did, Mr. perfect suggests we go grab some dinner so I quickly jumped up. I mean come on the chance to get wined and dinned and not have to slave away in the kitchen. Im there. Well there was a slight problem. I couldn't get the eyeliner off my hand. I scrubbed with a towel, then got the towel wet, then finally had to soap up and really scrub to get it off. That makes me excited. Not only did I find a great deal but with my watery eyes I might have found the holy grail of liners. I would seriously run to the store and see if you can find some for yourself but hurry from what I hear they are a rare find.